ANDRE' // Pianist Singer Keyboards


André is an Italian singer, pianist and songwriter.
Since 1993 he started as a professional musician around the world at luxury hotels, cruises ships, clubs, restaurants and private events, with over 22 years of experience.

In 2013 he sang as well at famous talents show TV “The Voice Russia” in Moscow at blind auditions.

He needs just a “piano and his voice” to create a musical atmosphere, through notes and words of Italian and international songs for his public, with over 2.800 international repertoire songs (lounge, romantic, disco, blues, R&B, rock, pop, Latin, funk, reggae, standard jazz, in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Neapolitan and Russian languages) simply as a “one-man-band” performer.

Lounge // Romantic // Disco // Blues // R&B // Rock // Pop // Latin // Funk // Reggae // Jazz // Italian // English // Spanish // French // Portuguese // Neapolitan // Russian